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2022-05-21 17:35:11 By : Mr. Kyle Jiang

The Audi Sphere series has just received the third electric concept car, and it’s the biggest by far, ever created by the German automotive giant. The minivan-like form of the Audi Urbansphere draped in premium luxury and advanced technology on the interior is the USP of this automotive design. The car is a vision of the brand’s future which will be actuated by level 4 autonomy.

This EV concept is the work of Audi design studios in Beijing and Ingolstadt, and when this vehicle is finally rolled out on the market in the second half of this decade, it’ll land in the Chinese market first in all probability.

The humongous electric vehicle is 5.52 meters in length – quite a few inches longer than the Cadillac Escalade which is 5.382 meters long. From the exterior, the Urbansphere looks like a van and crossover in one with the minimalistic aesthetics dominating the design. The EV gets a peculiar blunt front section with a noticeable overhang and the steeply raked windshield flowing into the flat roof.

Nose and tail of the Urbansphere get a large array of triangular LED lights that illuminate in customized patterns, such as display messages for bystanders or even turn signals to keep other motorists ultra-aware. There’s a 120-kWh battery onboard which churns out 466 miles on a single full charge. The electric motor delivers 396 horsepower and 509 pound-feet of torque.

The vehicle is outrightly crafted for a lounge on wheels experience with a space expansive enough for four riders to cocoon themselves in. All these chairs can tilt 60 degrees and the extending leg rests deploy for a recliner-like configuration. Those headrests wrap around the user for complete seclusion and audio listening experience with the integrated speakers.

The opulence doesn’t stop there as the Urbansphere gets an infotainment system for the rear seated riders. This transparent display is almost as wide as the cabin pivots down from the ceiling for complete infotainment. Cameras and sensors track the user’s eye movement, and the voice analyzer looks out for any signs of anxiety or stress. Consequently, the vehicle’s AI assistant automatically makes suggestions for calming things down.

Doors on the electric vehicle are counter-hinged sans any D-pillar, therefore, the interior opens up to the passengers as the seats swivel outwards, the moment they climb in. Overall, the Urbansphere is another step by Audi toward the premium luxury future of EVs.  

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