Get a chair that everyone will fight for: La-Z-Boy’s Grand Manual Recliner gets $210 off

2021-12-20 06:01:04 By : Mr. Marco Su

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When you get home, you want to be able to relax in comfort. But it can also make you highly aware that your seat is not as comfortable as you would like.

Of course, new furniture is not cheap, especially if you want to find something that will last for decades. Well, just a reminder: There is now a comfortable, habitable, almost permanent chair that is on sale on a large scale, and you won't want to miss it.

Just today, QVC has drastically reduced the price of La-Z-Boy manual recliner. The price of this lounge chair is $999, which is lower than QVC's already low $1,209-and anywhere else, it will cost you $1,650! Don't have $999, but want your La-Z-Boy to wear? With QVC's Easy Pay plan, you can pay $199.80 in interest-free installments per month.

Okay, but we need to talk about this chair. If you have been relaxing in La-Z-Boy in the past, you will know the feeling-like being shrouded in a cloud. People call it "my chair" and tell others that they can't sit there for a reason (look at you, dad).

But this particular La-Z-Boy contains features you don’t even know you need.

Let's start with the position: Want to back down? The comfortable recline and footrest position help you rest comfortably. The extended curved handle within reach allows you to lean back effortlessly. 

The Grand Manual Recliner is wrapped in I-Clean fabric, which is almost impossible to damage. All four cover options—whiskey, gray, plaster, and black—test for water resistance up to 95 points (out of 100) and stain resistance test up to 5 points (out of 5). Want to sit in a chair and enjoy wine and cheese on a single night? no problem!

Moreover, because this is a La-Z-Boy, the comfort level is even higher. This is all thanks to AirForm memory foam seats. This provides you with sensitive, comfortable cushioning and customized hip support. At the same time, higher density foam supports your back to provide lumbar support.

In the end, this chair looks good everywhere-that's why it is so popular. 

Reminder: this is not a drill! You can now buy the real La-Z-Boy at a substantially reduced price. But don't wait-this promotion is for a limited time!

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