9 best standing tables and chairs in 2021

2021-11-13 06:47:08 By : Ms. Rose Xiao

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Sitting at a desk for long periods of time can be uncomfortable, leading to poor posture and neck and back problems. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. According to a blog post from Harvard Medical School, sitting for a long time also increases the risk of deep vein thrombosis, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Although an adjustable standing desk can greatly improve your health, it is only part of the equation for a healthy working environment. You also need the right chair to maximize the effect of the desk.

"Whether you sit or stand for long periods of time, being in the same position for long periods of time can lead to postural tension, poor blood circulation, and often new aches and pains," said Dr. Allen Conrad, BSc, DC, CSCS, Pennsylvania Montgomery County Chiropractic Center in North Wales. Add a little support when standing or sitting. "

Most adjustable standing office chairs are classified as drawing chairs or movable seating stools. We researched the best options and sought expert advice to narrow our list to nine best adjustable standing office chairs.

Seat size: 15.75 inches in diameter | Item weight: 16.1 lbs | Seat material: Mesh foam | Height adjustment: 20 to 28 inches | Load capacity: 250 lbs

The best overall standing office chair is the Seville Classics AIRLIFT 360 sitting-stand dual-purpose adjustable ergonomic movable stool. This is an active balance chair with a semi-dome shape that can be rotated 360 degrees or 10 degrees off the center. Therefore, you can recline, swing and rotate while sitting in a chair. The seat has a thick foam cushion covered with breathable mesh. The chair can be raised and lowered easily with AIRLIFT pneumatic gas adjustment level.

You can increase the height of the chair from 20 inches to 28 inches to find the perfect height. This chair has a weight limit of 250 pounds and is designed to comfortably accommodate most people. If you are worried about the chair tipping over when tilting or rotating, don't worry: the round non-slip base can hold the chair in place and prevent the chair from damaging your floor. Assembling the chair is also very easy and does not require any tools.

AIRLIFT 360 is available in two colors: blue and black.

All of these are provided at preferential prices, making AIRLIFT 360 our best overall chair.

Seat size: 14.6 inches diameter | Item weight: 17.4 pounds | Seat material: polyester covered reflective foam | Height adjustment: 19.7 to 27.6 inches | Weight: 265 pounds

If you are looking for a cheap adjustable standing office chair, then the SONGMICS standing office chair is very suitable. Filled with 2.6 inches of high-density Reflex foam (covered with polyester fabric), it has a very comfortable seat. The chair can rotate 360 ​​degrees and tilt 8 degrees, providing plenty of movement.

You can raise the height of the chair from 19.7 inches to 27.6 inches, so it is very suitable for various adjustable table heights and various users. The adjustment is also easy: there are levers on both sides of the chair for your convenience. In addition, this chair is very sturdy, with a load-bearing capacity of 265 pounds, and is equipped with a non-slip bottom.

It is easy to assemble and does not require any tools to set up.

Short people may be uncomfortable

Seat size: 19 × 20 inches | Item weight: 32 pounds | Seat material: Mesh foam | Height adjustment: 21.5 to 29.5 inches | Weight: 331 pounds

If you don't like an adjustable standing office chair without a backrest, the Modway Veer drawing chair can provide the support you need for your back. The back of the chair is made of breathable mesh and has lumbar support.

In addition, the seat-with a 2.5-inch thick mesh cushion-has a waterfall design for your legs. Because it is an ergonomic drawing stool, the height can be adjusted from 21.5 inches to 29.5 inches, and the foot ring can prevent your feet from dangling. It is a good choice for tall people. It is easy to adjust the chair with one-button pneumatic lift. You can rotate the chair 360 degrees, and even flip the padded armrests up 90 degrees.

This chair is easy to assemble and is available in black, blue, gray and red.

Wood harvested from sustainable forests

Seat size: 17 inches in diameter | Item weight: 16.81 lbs | Seat material: Upholstery covered foam | Height adjustment: 22 to 32.3 inches | Load capacity: Not applicable

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly option, consider the Full Variér Move stool. The wooden base (beech plywood) is sourced from sustainable forests and covered with ash veneer. The base also has an integrated rubber plate that allows the chair to move 360 ​​degrees on any type of floor surface (including carpet).

The saddle is designed to support your posture, keep your back and abdominal muscles active, and reduce spine pressure. The seats also have soft foam covering the upholstery. Using the adjustable air lift, the height of the chair can be easily raised from 22 inches to 32.3 inches. In addition, there is a rubber fixing device under the chair, which allows you to hang the chair on the side of the desk.

Full Variér Move is available in three colors: black, blue and gray.  

Adjusted to a height of 35 inches

Seat size: 17 × 13 inches | Item weight: 23.84 pounds | Seat material: Vinyl covered foam | Height adjustment: 25½ to 35 inches | Load capacity: 250 pounds

The Vari Active Seat is much higher than most adjustable standing office chairs we have seen, making it a good choice for tall users. Using a commercial-grade air lift piston mechanism, the chair can be easily adjusted up to 35 inches in height.

Compared to the Vari Active Seat Basic version with 14-inch seats, it also has a 17-inch wider seat. The seat is made of foam and covered with vinyl. In addition, the seat can hold up to 250 pounds.

The fully articulated base allows you to tilt and swing in any direction when standing or sitting. However, it also has a tilt guard to ensure that the seat does not move forward more than 20 degrees.

The Vari Active Seat is fully assembled when it arrives. 

Ten choices (seven vegan leather, three fabrics)

May be too tall for short people

Seat size: 18.5 inches | Item weight: 50 pounds | Seat material: vegan leather or polycotton fabric cushion | Height adjustment: 24.5 to 33 inches | Load capacity: 400 pounds

Drawing chairs are often used with adjustable standing desks. SOHO upholstered drawing chairs are ergonomically designed to enhance the function of work/standing desks. The steel frame and aluminum base make it strong enough to support up to 400 pounds. There is also a steel foot ring, so your feet will not dangle.

The chair can be tilted and rotated, and it uses an easy-to-operate pneumatic lift rod to adjust the height between 24.5 and 33 inches. There are also three support cushions on the chair; one seat cushion and two back cushions provide comfort and support for your back and back. The chair is equipped with armrests, but is designed to be used with or without armrests.

The vegan leather color options include black, white, brown, dark brown, blue, gray and dark gray. Fabric options include dark blue, gray and dark gray.

Provides a variety of ergonomic postures

Seat size: 15.24 inches | Item weight: 37 pounds | Seat material: closed film integrated leather foam | Height adjustment: 22.5 to 46.2 inches | Weight: 270 pounds

The LeanRite ergonomic standing chair is designed to provide a fully ergonomic experience. The seat can be manipulated to support various positions, and the height can be adjusted between 22.5 and 46.2 inches.

When standing, the chair tilts to provide lumbar support; you can also flip the seat vertically to get more back support when standing. When you want to sit in an angled roost position, the seat can also be lowered to the height of the tailbone. In addition, you can lower the chair slightly, sit on the stool in an upright position, or sit completely on the stool for a more traditional seating experience. The chair also has a built-in fatigue mat platform that provides ergonomic support for your feet.

This chair is strong and weighs 37 pounds, but it includes wheels for easy mobility. Optional accessories include electric back massager and foot pedals. 

More than 12 choices, leather and fabric

Customizable frame, cylinder and casters

Seat size: 22 inches | Item weight: 14 lbs | Seat material: leather or fabric cushion | Height adjustment: 17.5 to 33 inches, depending on customization options | Load capacity: 300 lbs

If price is not a factor, consider the Humanscale Freedom saddle stool. It is expensive but worth it. Triangular cushions provide a "saddle" posture, reducing pressure points and encouraging a 135-degree posture, rather than the traditional 90-degree posture that leads to slouching. It also has a spacious 22-inch seat, which is designed to allow you to sit in multiple positions.

The chair can also be customized at every step. You can choose a graphite frame or get polished aluminum with graphite trim. Other options include leather or fabric seats, available in 13 colors, including black, dark brown, pumpkin, peacock and Thalo blue, and balsamic green.

In addition to standard cylinders, you can also choose from several other types, including low cylinders, high cylinders and cylinders with foot rings. Caster options include standard casters, soft casters, sliding casters or locking casters.

Can sit in any direction

The seats may be too narrow for some people

Seat size: 8.5 inches | Item weight: 30.5 pounds | Seat material: Upholstered | Height adjustment: 22.5 to 33 inches | Load capacity: Not applicable

If you like a saddle chair, but prefer a backrest, Fully HÅG Capisco Puls offers the best of both worlds. Its design allows you to sit forward, backward or even sideways, and stretch, lean or sit in a chair. This chair is fully adjustable, which means you can not only change the height of the seat (using a pneumatic lift), but also its depth. In addition, you can adjust the height and inclination of the seat back.

The ability to make these adjustments can help you find the best position for maximum health while sitting. The chair has a smaller seat (8.5 inches), but it allows you to sit with your legs together. The aluminum base is available in three colors (black, silver and white), and the color of the seat is black, "dark" (blue shade) and light gray. 

Seville Classics AIRLIFT 360 Sit-Stand Adjustable Ergonomic Activity Stool (View on Amazon) is our first choice. You can sit on a chair that tilts, shakes and rotates. The chair has a thick foam cushion covered with breathable mesh. It is easy to raise and lower the chair, and the price of the chair is also very favorable.

If you prefer the backrest, the backrest (Amazon view) of the Modway Veer Drafting Chair is made of breathable mesh and has lumbar support. It is also easy to adjust, and the arm can be turned up 90 degrees.

According to Dr. Rahul Shah, a board-certified orthopedic spine and neck surgeon in Vineland, New Jersey, standing office chairs and stools are an improvement on high stools and traditional chairs. "They can help you stand or sit in a semi-upright manner with support," he said. "By definition, these chairs will allow the hips to bend slightly and the pelvis to tilt slightly—compared to being upright."

Dr. Shah said that for people with hip problems, these types of chairs have their pros and cons. "People may find that these chairs help relieve hip pain, especially the hip pain experienced on a low chair or sofa," he said.

On the other hand, due to the forward tilt of the pelvis, Dr. Shah said these types of chairs can also be harmful. "They can also encourage laziness by rounding the lower back," he said.  

Ariana Ince is an ergonomic consultant for the California State Compensation Insurance Fund. She is a certified personal ergonomics (CPE) who works with policy holders to make the workplace safer and protect workers from harm. "Standing office chairs are more likely to allow you to alternate between sitting and standing more frequently-this is the practical advantage of having a sit-stand desk," she said. 

But Ince said that only when you really want to take advantage of the benefits of a desk, an adjustable standing office chair will have an advantage. "If you find that you like to sit most of the time, then this option may not be the best," she warned. "The taller chair does not allow you to put your feet on the ground for support, while the ring on the chair is designed to support your legs, limiting where you can place your feet, thus limiting your legs when sitting. Ministry’s movement."

If you get a stool that lacks back support, Ince says you are likely to fall down at the end of the day—unless you have the abdominal muscles of an Olympic gymnast. This is why you should change the way you stand and sit throughout the day.

The adjustable standing desk drawing chair and stool have different functions. Some people prefer to keep the adjustable standing desk at a standing height instead of constantly raising and lowering the desk. Since drawing chairs are tall and provide loops to prevent feet from shaking, they are a good choice for people who want to sit at a higher height. They also provide a backrest, which is very helpful for people with back problems, and they also provide armrests.

On the other hand, the stool provides active standing, which means that even if you sit down, you are also moving on the chair. You can lean, lean forward and rotate on the stool, which can exercise the muscles of your back, core and legs and help you burn calories. Some people admit that when they start using adjustable standing desk stools, they feel uncomfortable, so it is best to start using stools for about 20 to 30 minutes and then gradually use them for longer periods of time.

Dr. Shah recommends a test drive of the adjustable standing office chair (so, if you buy it online, make sure you can send it back if it doesn't suit you). "Pay attention to how your hips and back feel," he suggested. "I suggest you try to see how much the height and angle of the chair can be modified, and whether any of these positions affects comfort."

In addition, Dr. Shah recommends trying to use the chair for at least 15 minutes before drawing conclusions. "When you are in an awkward position, 15 minutes is a good rule of thumb, when you are in an awkward position, muscle fatigue," he said.

After researching dozens of highly rated adjustable standing office chairs (and consulting experts), we used several factors to narrow our choices. The ability to provide ergonomic support while being comfortable is the most important factor. We also evaluated the quality of each product, including materials and robustness, and provided various price options.

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