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2021-11-13 06:35:37 By : Ms. Jojo Zhu

In the past year, one thing we have all pursued is comfort, especially at home. If you are still looking for more comfortable furniture to increase your space, a recliner may solve the problem. Amazon shoppers rave about the MCombo Power Lift recliner. It is not just a seat that allows you to raise your feet, it can also do wonders for your joints and muscles. 

With the help of electricity, this recliner can easily lift the user, enough to help them stand up quickly, thereby reducing the pressure on the legs, back and knees. You only need to press the two buttons on the included remote control to start the power. But this is not all. The seat can also be used as a massager. The entire chair has eight vibration points and one heating point. Users can enjoy a 10, 20, or 30-minute massage while sitting back and relaxing. 

For some additional functions, the chair also includes a USB charging point and a cup holder. For people who like to watch TV programs or sit in a lounge chair all day long, this is simply a dream. Have a drink, charge your phone or iPad, and relax. If you also want to store books or magazines on the recliner, there are pockets on both sides. 

buy it! MCombo electric lift recliner, $519.90; Amazon website

And because the user may spend a lot of time sitting on this chair, it is easy to clean. Don't worry about spilling drinks or getting some food residue on the artificial leather shell. It is easy to wipe clean with a dry or damp cloth, and does not require any harsh oil or wax for cleaning. 

As for assembling, no tools are needed, and it doesn't take much time or effort to assemble. Given its size, potential shoppers should know that it is delivered in two different boxes and is most comfortable for people under 6 feet. You can buy five different colors, including dark brown, red, black, milky white and light brown. 

Amazon shoppers praised this chair for helping elderly family members enjoy leisure time comfortably. "I bought this chairlift for my mother, and she just broke her leg and went home. She said it was so comfortable and relaxing that she slept on it for the first few nights back home," one person wrote. Simple assembly also earned some major brownie points. "It's relatively easy to assemble! I'm a single mother, basically not good at assembling, but I did it," another shared. 

You can buy this comfortable and versatile recliner on Amazon today. 

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