How do we test the riser recliner-which one?

2021-11-13 06:44:57 By : Ms. Cathy Zhao

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Watch our video to learn how we decide which riser lounge chairs should be named Best Buy, and what you need to check before buying.

We have tested all major brands of lift chairs in the UK to ensure that you end up with a comfortable, safe and easy-to-use chair.

Our review answers the most critical questions about the riser recliner:

Find out which models provide top-notch results in our recliner chair review.

Our team of testers are all 65 years of age and will try and score each chair we test. In total, they conducted more than 100 inspections on each chair.

The user sits in each chair for an hour, uses its controls and experiences its complete motion and position cycle. They then rated the chairs based on many factors, including the comfort of sitting and reclining positions.

To ensure that our test is fair, we will check whether each user's leg size and weight are suitable for the chair they are testing. We will try to test a range of chair sizes, including small or small, standard and large.

We also conduct a large number of laboratory-based inspections, measurements and tests on each chair.

The test includes a backup battery check, and we record whether the chair can be fully tilted to standing, how long it takes and whether you can do this multiple times. This is to see what happens if the chair is tilted and needs to be raised with the main power cut off. 

It also includes a speed check. We record the time it takes for the chair to move from reclining position to standing.

We quized our user group and asked them if they felt the chair was moving smoothly, and asked them to get out of the chair without feeling shaky or uncertain. Some chairs have twitching movements, which may make people lack confidence when standing, while others move smoothly.

These checks test the reliability and safety of each chair.

Our test team will also rate the ease of use of each chair. This includes how difficult it is for each tester to find the control operation and understanding, and whether the chair has any convenient extra features (such as illuminated buttons) to help you.

Points required to become Best Buy

All the assessments listed above are used to establish the final total score for each riser chair we reviewed. Because we know that certain elements are more important to you than others, we weighted them accordingly:

Currently, the recliner chair requires a score of at least 71% to be recommended by our Best Buy.

If you choose Best Buy Riser Recliner, we think you will feel comfortable and safe when changing positions.