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2022-10-08 17:12:57 By : Ms. jane wang

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Editor: After the Jennifer Wexton/Hung Cao debate, I was left with more questions than answers. 

The November election will be a referendum on the Biden presidency. The top 5 issues in Virginia are: 1) the economy, 2) parental rights to guide and protect their children, 3) border security, 4) skyrocketing fentanyl deaths and human trafficking in Virginia, and 5) ultimately President Biden’s divisive policies. Before voters cast their ballots they have a right to know where each candidate stands on the issues. Hung Cao very clearly articulated his positions on all the important issues. Ms. Wexton seemed illusive, so I am asking for her clear articulated positions as well.

1) The Biden administration is intends to rewrite Title IX to re-define sex to include sexual orientation and gender identity. Title IX paved the way for women to have opportunities on par with men. As a mother, do you now support forcing women to play on sports teams and use the same bathrooms and locker rooms as those born male but identifying as female?  How is it that a transgender athlete’s self-esteem is more important a women’s physical safety?

2) When President Trump left office, inflation was at 1.4%.  Within 12 months President Biden’s election, and well before Putin invaded Ukraine, inflation rose to 7.9%.  Inflation now stands at 8.3%, the highest in 40 years. What do you say to families who forfeit food so they can buy gas to work or pay their electric bills?

3) Public education is the number 2 issue with Loudoun County residents after the economy. Terry McAuliffe said that parents had no right to participate in their children’s education. Gov. Northam’s administration gave school boards the right to exclude parents from issues regarding their children. U.S. Attorney General Garland put parents on a domestic terrorist watchlist. As chair of the Congressional Transgender Caucus, do teacher’s authorities exceed parent’s rights with regards to their children’s gender identity?  Do you support forcing teachers to forego their Constitutional and be forced to use personal pronouns without the consent of that child’s parents? 

4) Virginians are frustrated by the hypocrisy of the Democrat party when it comes to addressing the illegal alien issue, The crisis at our southern border is one of the top concerns of 10th District citizens. Approximately 4 million illegal immigrants entered our country since Joe Biden became President.  How do justify the deaths of immigrants and U.S. citizens caused by the massive increases in drug trafficking, fentanyl, human trafficking, and criminal activity?  How do you justify allowing known terrorists to enter our country? Do you believe the wall on our southern border should be completed?

5) You loudly and proudly declared that you are on “Team Joe” and voted with President Biden 100% of the time. Why should the voters of the 10th Congressional District re-elect you as their representative when the Biden-Wexton policies have crushed our economy, wrecked our confidence in public education, made it impossible to define what a woman is, divided us by the color of our skin, shattered the reputation of the US around the world, and destroyed our sense of safety, security, and stability?

Where do you stand on the issues that matter most to Virginians?

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Hung Cao seems to think he’s immune from criticism because of his military service. “I bled for this country and I’m being called an extremist,” Cao said, at the debate. “This is how we tear people apart…I deserve to be called an American just like everyone else. To be called something other than American is abhorrent.” Rep. Wexton replied: “I’m calling my opponent extreme because his views are extreme. His opinions are extreme on women’s health. His opinions are extreme on gun violence prevention. I’m calling him extreme because his views on these issues are very extreme. And they’re outside the mainstream of this district.” Cao needs to get over himself. Yes, his military service was wonderful. But the 10th District deserves a representative with an expansive personality. Someone who’ll embrace all segments of society. I’m for Jennifer Wexton!

You failed to mention Hung Cao was cheered for his response and Jennifer Wexton was booed for her rebuttal. The People have spoken and they are telling Wexton to pack her bags.

You mean to tell me that Cao’s supporters rudely cheered their candidate and booed Wexton?

“the 10th District deserves a representative with an expansive personality. ”

How to say you didn’t watch the debate, without saying you didn’t watch the debate.

I watched Wexton debate in the beginning versus Barbara Comstock and up until now. She has always been a terrible speaker, which is shocking because she is a lawyer (maybe we should check and see if her law degree is legit). Admittedly, Wexton is a Democrat and there is no policy she agrees with that I agree with, but her presentation skills have consistently been so cringe-worth it is hard to imagine that she has any role where she needs to speak to the public. But, I guess, this is sign of the times. Incompetent people are in all kinds of roles of authority. Hopefully, she will be unemployed in November. She’s earned it!

You’re being far too generous Mr. D. Wexton’s debate performance looked like an out of date talking figure at Madame Tussauds wax museum. Monotone, stale regurgitated answers, while looking at an imaginary point on the back wall.

She offered nothing but the status quo and appeared incredulous to even be there. And what is up with the cupped left hand? Was there a leak in the ceiling she was trying to catch, or is that a coping mechanism?

Wexton offers nothing but the same old failed policies and complete indifference to the people of the 10th district. We need an invigorated, well educated, can-do attitude individual, with real world experience, who actually loves their adopted country, and actually seems to care about doing a job well done.

Go with a fresh face who wants to serve, instead of a lazy, privileged, aloof establishment hack who does only what they’re told by the party bosses.

“And what is up with the cupped left hand?” Actually, this is a serious issue that the media needs to press Wexton on. I have heard whispers that Wexton has a neurological disorder. She needs to publicly state if she does or does not and, if so, what is it and how it effects her? After the debilitated Biden, and watching the stroke effected PA senate candidate Fetterman, we need to press politicians on what their mental and physical limitations are.

Has Hung Cao disavowed Trump and his MAGAcolytes?

The final question to Representative Wexton in this opinion piece is, “Where do you stand on the issues that matter most to Virginians?”

The issues that matter most to me: 1) Global Warming 2) A woman’s right to choose what happens to her body, no ifs, ands or buts 3) Equality and justice for all Americans, regardless of race or sexual identity 4) Voting rights 5) Strict, humane, and intelligent immigration policies 6) The unequivocal condemnation of hate, bigotry, and fascism

I already know where Jennifer Wexton stands on the issues that matter most to me. That’s why she gets my vote.

May I comment on issues that are important to you?

1) Global Warming. Heads up – leftist progressives have stopped using the term “global warming.” Why? Because it wasn’t happening. The correct term now is “climate change.” But if the climate problem is no longer global warming, but climate change, what is the mechanism to link man to climate change? If there is no global warming, an increase in CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere has not caused global warming. But if man’s emissions of CO2 have not caused global warming, how can man’s activities be linked to climate change? Might it be time for a new hypothesis? 2) A woman’s right to choose what happens to her body, no ifs, and or buts. How about saving as many lives as possible? How about we make sure that every woman walking into an abortion clinic knows that there are options out there. That they don’t have to choose abortion. There are families that would love to adopt a baby. Right now, when they go in, there is only one option. They don’t know that there are other options out there. We want to help our women. We want to give them health care. Wexton supports abortion anytime during birth and even after birth. If a baby survives a botched abortion, Wexton supports allowing the baby to die on a cold metal tray. That’s terrible. 3) Equality and justice for all Americans, regardless of race or sexual identity. Heads up – democrats don’t support equality and justice regardless of race or sexual identity. Democrats support judging people by the color of their skin and placing value on them accordingly. Democrats start the conversation with skin color. Republicans don’t see skin color. Republicans search for excellence and reward it every time. As for sexual identity, no one cares how an adult decides to identify himself or herself. We care about two things: 1) don’t sexualize our children / parents should be included in all issues regarding their children, and 2) those born male should not be using the same restrooms, locker rooms, playing on the same sports teams, or going to the same penitentiaries and shelters, as those born female. We also think that people who feel alienated from their own bodies need support. They are suffering from dissociative disorder or gender dysphoria and need mental health care. 4) Voting rights – We agree (I think.) Every legal vote should be counted. What else is there? 5) Strict, humane, and intelligent immigration policies – I think we really agree on this one. Can you name one thing that is strict, humane, and intelligent about the immigrant policies of the Biden-Wexton administration? I can’t. 6) The unequivocal condemnation of hate, bigotry, and fascism. Democrats are nothing if not hypocrites. Democrats loosely throw the word hate around to anybody that disagrees with them. You either believe what they believe or you’re a hater. Democrats have always been bigots. They are the party of the Civil War, KKK, and Jim Crow. Now they are the party of the soft bigotry of low expectations that is encapsulated in the idea that minorities need the help of white people to be successful. BLM and Antifa are the fascist wing of the Democrat party. Skilled at propaganda, playing the victim so that any behavior is justified, an affinity for violence, suppression of individual liberties, the imprisonment of opponents. Yes, that’s BLM and Antifa. Democrats bow the knee to both.

Everyone is entitled to their own “top issues,” tdon1972. Though yours seem a little out of step with everyone else.

Pretty much everyone’s top priority is the economy. Our economy is in a shambles. No one thought it possible that Biden-Wexton could make it this bad so fast, but they did. No one really has confidence that Biden-Wexton can lead us out of this mess.

Whatever you do, don’t vote Democrat.

Jennifer Wexton has been a rubber stamp vote for every single policy that put our country in the precarious position it is in now:

She has not condemned the riots in 2020 showing that she is failing to condemn hate, bigotry, and fascism. Oh, did you fail to study history when you were in school? The tactics used by those mobs mimic every single thing done by the brown shirts in Germany as the Nazi Party rose to power. Just so you know, the leftists are the ones who are the fascists. If you bother to read anything about the period of the 1920s through 1950s in Europe, you will note that fascism, socialism, and communism are all the same thing underneath… they just have a different cover on top of them.

She has not condemned the completely irresponsible security of the border, nor has she condemned the middle-of-the-night transporting of the people illegally crossing the border to middle America when the destination is a Republican stronghold.

She has not condemned the divisive policies of the Democratic Party that have caused more division in this country than they have healed.

Jennifer Wexton needs to go back home… the sooner the better. We don’t need Nanny Nancy’s lapdog representing Nanny Nancy’s views on our behalf.

Hey Tim, Here are a few items of representation I would call EXTREME! One million Americans died from Covid and our representative took no action to insure Wuhan Lab would be investigated. Bagram Air Base was given to the Taliban and apparently thousands of Americans were left to die in Afghanistan and our representative saw no issue. The southern border has a CZAR (Kamala Harris) who has obviously failed at stopping millions of illegal immigrants and tons of fentanyl from coming northward and our representative has said nothing about it. Inflation is at a 40 year high and our representative had not made any effort to demand the Federal Reserve stop pumping money into M2 which as recently as March of this year CAUSED INFLATION! As a former prosecutor our representative has apparently chosen to not demand the FBI properly investigate Hunter Biden and the national security risks his actions apparent may have caused with China. I guess how we view things is based on expectations. Should we keep doing the same things which have proven to deliver NO RESULTS or try something different? Are we that crazy?? 🙂

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