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April 15, 2022 – According to the Modern Back, one of the top retailers of massage and recliner chairs in Florida, the most common misconception about buying a professional massage chair is that any chair that has back rollers and can vibrate a certain way qualifies as one when in reality this would barely even qualify as a standard modernized massage chair when compared with the top-rated massage chairs in the market today. There are certain features that only when combined make for a quality full-body massage chair experience, and will most certainly feel lacking when one part is missing. The company has listed several iconic features that can help buyers determine if their massage chair is truly up to the standards of the modern world.

The most iconic feature of a massage chair is its roller track, which is the mechanism that kneads the back of the user. It uses a set of rollers that run from the back of the neck down to the lower body. The rollers are attached to a track, which determines how much of the body they can reach. Based on their shape, there are two distinct types of roller tracks: S and L tracks. S-type tracks or S-tracks are generally shorter, running from the base of the neck down to the lumbar area. As its name suggests, these tracks are also curved in a way that resembles the contours of the spine which allows them to give a much deeper and natural-feeling massage. You will commonly find S-tracks in older models of massage chairs and dedicated back massage chairs.

On the other hand, L-type roller tracks have much longer reach and can massage from the back of the neck down to the hamstrings. These tracks are designed for a much wider coverage than S-type tracks and are suitable for people who experience muscle soreness in their buttocks or thighs. It is also a relatively new technology and has been adopted by most massage chair manufacturers to varying degrees of success. One such example of a massage chair that effectively uses an L-track is the Amamedic Hilux, which offers a roller track that covers 50% more area than the typical S-track chair.

Sometimes referred to as airbag massage or air pressure massage, this feature is described by the use of small airbags located around the chair that systematically inflate and deflate in order to massage different areas of the body. These airbags work as a group and produce a wave-like sensation that applies pressure on the limbs as if they are being kneaded by human hands. They are quite effective in relaxing muscles and releasing tension, as well as promoting good blood circulation. Big and tall massage chairs like the Titan Jupiter LE typically use this feature to massage the shoulder and the upper arms, as well as areas in the lower body that roller tracks are unable to reach.

Most top-selling massage chairs are capable of reclining to a certain degree, but what makes zero-gravity recline special is that it is a position that puts as little pressure on the body as possible by distributing weight evenly on the surface area of the chair. It raises the head and the ankles so that they are positioned above the height of the heart relative to the floor. This allows blood to flow more freely across the body, as well as reduces the pain from aching muscles. Additionally, when the body is positioned in such a way, the other components of the massage chair can operate at their most optimal, providing a significantly more effective massage therapy experience.

One of the main drawbacks of this feature, however, is that reclining this way requires a lot of space. This is not an issue for massage chairs placed in dedicated relaxation rooms, but not in a typical living room or bedroom. The Osaki Paragon and other models of Osaki massage chairs get around this issue with its space-saving technology, which shifts the seat and backrest forward when it reclines.

A true testament to the technological advancements of modern-day massage chairs is the usage of intelligent body scans. These scans work by measuring the body of the user as they sit down and adjusting the dimensions of different parts of the massage chair accordingly. This allows the components of a massage chair to work effectively regardless of the shape and size of the current user. It also scans for injury-prone areas of the body and suggests programs that could help treat them.

These four iconic features of the modern-day massage chair are good indications of how effective a certain massage chair is. It is incredibly easy to get lost in the long list of specifications that some massage chairs boast. When browsing massage chairs for sale in brick and mortar or online stores, the Modern Back advises buyers to put these definitive features into great consideration. If done right, they will never regret their purchase.

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